Surf Naked!

The Elves and the Sportsbike: A children's picture book about motorcycles.
My Dog Murphy: Check out the Rosie the Riveter posters and other memorabilia.
Pooh-sonality Test: I'm a pooh, what about you?
Germ Theory of Obesity: See... it's not my fault!
Suicide Awareness: The number one cause of suicide is untreated depression. Sound familiar? Check this site out.
Bibliomania: The entire text of the Bible and many other books online. Remember when this was just science fiction?
Halloween Links: This is slow to load, but has lots of neat links for Halloween.
Cat Diary: A peek into the mind of a cat.
AARP Tax Aide: One of my friends does this and highly recommends it. If you have some free time, consider helping out here.
Volunteer Match: Have some spare time or need help? This site will hook you up.

Imponderables:Answers to the little mysteries of the universe.
CyberWordz: Confused by computer jargon? This site seeks to clear things up.
Adopt a Breath Mint:Surprisingly cute!
MSNBC Nutty Net:Choose your favorite nutty site.
The Un-telligence Test: They claim it's the weirdest test ever. If it's not, it's close.
Stupid People: Funny stories about the stupid things ordinary people do. Not that I'm one of them...
Dumb Crooks: As if being a crook isn't stupid enough.
The Technical Support Nightmare Page: The tech tales are great, of course, but also check out the True Hosting Follies. Warning, VERY raw language.
Computer Stupidities: I love tech tales, but I have to wonder how these folks can laugh at people for lack of computer knowledge while displaying an overwhelming lack of understanding of simple grammar and spelling. Still, the stories are fun.
Dumbentia: Random silliness.
My Butt is Too Big: Really, it is. Take a quick peek.
Biblical Ebonics: Well, it's been translated into everything else.
Lamentations of the Father: In my never humble opinion, one of the funniest things I've ever read.
Smurf the Web!: Translate any web page into Smurf jargon. I remember when I first saw a Smurf. It was in a mall called Shoppyland in Bern, Switzerland. They were much cuter before they became popular.
Pooh Corner: Not a bad site, although they could fix a couple of technical problems. Still, very Poohish.
Filosofy - Yo-Yo's: He's anti Yo-Yo?? That's sacriligeous!
Gallery of Obscure Patents: They claim to have patents ranging from the unusual to the bizarre. Who am I to argue with them?
Fun One: My only complaint with these pages is the music. I really don't like sound on websites. Is that just me being cranky?
Extend Deadline: Where do I get this plug in?
Waves: Ok, I just said I don't like sound on websites, but it works here.
The Satori Obfuscation Server: What a load of crap!
The Stupid Page: More stupid people? Is there a neverending supply, or what?
The Lie Emporium: Home of the Whopper. (I thought that was Burger King.)
Psychedeliscope: A kaleidoscope with a kick.
I'm So Tired: He looks how I feel.
Cartoons by Gaspirtz: Lots of great cartoons here. Should last you a while.
Dipl-o-matic: Flunked out of school? Get your diploma here!
Wedding & Marriage Humor: Very funny short shorts.
Boy 3.0: Parents with a sense of humor!
Optical Illusions: Just what it says
You make a difference: Everyone does, even though most of us don't realize it. - The ability utility: Lot's of cool stuff to learn
Connect-Time's Message in a Bottle: Cast a virtual bottle into the virtual ocean. It's almost as much fun as being there.
Secret Admirer -- The Electronic Cupid: Is there someone you like, but you are too shy to tell them?
AltaVista: Translations: Translates any message into one of several messages. I loved it!
Welcome to The farmer's almanac online... now that is cool!
Welcome to! The best 32-bit Shar...: Great shareware, freeware and more.
Brad's Homepage: I'm going to make Brad teach me all he knows. This is a very nice site.
DC Comics: Superman, Batman, etc.
The One And Only Flattery Generator : My, you really have been losing weight, haven't you....
Caribbean - Tropical Island & Beach Screen Saver: The next best thing to being there.
The Collected Works of Shakespeare: Seems to me I've heard of this guy.
Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches: Do NOT try this at home.
Museum of Dirt: Dang it, I thought I had the only one of these....
The Learning Kingdom: Do you miss school? Learn lots, then you can teach me.
Wall O' Links ... A Web Surfers Paradise: Just in case I haven't given you enough to do.
C*E*A: Center for the Easily Amused. I'm there!
Late Night Links: Wonders of the Web: My friend told me I had to put this one back up, so here it is.
Relax: Beautiful pics and lovely sentiments.
Secret Admirer -- The Electronic Cupid
Fantasyland GraphicsLots of very nice graphics
Strange Old Lady Hey, don't go pointing any fingers this way!
HP Virtual FishYour own pet fish, right on your computer
Hey!!!I knew it!
The Wizard of OzThe official website.
ConquerWare FontListerGreat shareware for organizing your fonts.
The Wolf DenThis one belongs to a new friend of mine. Well worth your time.
When you Wish Upon a StarDisney!!!
Brooketti's Home Page: What a beautiful site. I love that first story
The Screensaver Gallery: Can one ever have too many screensavers?
NetMeeting Home: Talk online without typing! Cheaper than a phone call.
NovelAdvice--Devoted totally to the craft of ..: The best site ever for writers.
The Cuddly Collection of ASCII Art: These are so cute!
Submit It!: The Web Site Promotion Tool: Have a website? Promote it here, quickly, easily, and for free.
OXymoron Humour Archive: ASCII Art: Funny ASCIIs
Christopher Johnson's ASCII Art Collection: Wow! No Way I'll ever have time to look at all of these.
LIGHTNING: Images of lightning strikes and th...We've had some spectacular lightning storms here in town this year. This is beginning to look very familiar.
The Dreamsharer - Music For Your Dreams:Very Relaxing
Don't Worry, Be Happy!:Sorry, AOL only
Crossword Puzzle:This is one of the best of these I've tried.
Fun Stuff, Free Stuff:Lots of cool stuff to play with.
People Locator-Free People Searches:Find a long lost friend.
Free Searches on the Internet:Lose someone?
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: Resource...:Where do You come from?.
The Anagram Genius Server:I love anagrams, I'll have to see if I can still do them.
Ask Jeeves!:Ok, this is a Must see. Trust me, go ask a question.
The Calvin and Hobbes Jumpstation:I LOVE Calvin & Hobbes!
The Mr. Showbiz Plastic Surgery Lab:Redesign your face.
Irene's Winnie the Pooh Page:I've seen lots of Winnie the Pooh pages, but this is the best.
Solar System Simulator:You can wander the solar system...

All Mixed Up - Othello: A great place to waste some time.
LDS Links: Yep, I don't talk about it much, but it's part of who I am.
Furcadia - Let your imagination shine!: A graphics based roleplaying game. Fun place to hang out.
Brain Candy: Even your brain needs empty calories sometimes.
Welcome to America Outtaline: So funny, and so true!
Mefco's Funny Pages: Random jokes, not all are suitable for children.
Ask Dr. Science!: So much is so clear to me now....
The AFU & Urban Legends Archive: All those stories that happened to your Mom's best friend's sister are here.
Build-A-Date: Who is Your dream date?
Awesome Cyber Card's main page. Cyber greeti...: Know someone who is down or has a birthday coming up? Or Both?
Walt Disney Pictures' Mulan : I thought this was their best since Beauty and the Beast. Why not send some fan mail...
What's in YOUR Name?: This one is so accurate it's almost scary.
Personality Test Links by Very Simple: I used to m ake these things up in church. I love them!
The Room: Welcome: Let me know what you think, nice but not too accurate.
IQ Test: I'm afraid to take this one. It's one thing to know you're not bright, it's another to have it confirmed ::shudder::
Angel Colors: Colors mean a lot to me.
Andrea's Anne Geddes Gallery: She has the cutest pics!
Awsumbuny's Crystal Lights: Give it time to load. I love these pics. The blue angel is my wallpaper.
A Moment in Heaven: It takes a while to load, but the graphics are worth it.
~ OCEAN ~: Very pretty place to hang out.
DDC: Beauty and the Beast: Speaking of my favorite Disney movie of all time.
Rainbows, Wishes & Whimsy !: Having a bad day? Go play.
The Virtual Zoo: I miss living near a zoo. This is almost as good as the real thing.
Truly Madly Deeply: I LOVE this song and this site
Karl Bang Visionary Art: Lyrical paintings.
SwimUp's WaterFall: Absolutely stunning.
Crayola: A new box of crayons! Better than a new car... almost.
Welcome to I always thought Snoopy was so cool.
(Virtual Places Universe - Doorway to Adventu...: Download the software, sign up, and then surf the net with company.
Disney: A Treasury of Songs: They claim to have all of them, I haven't checked that yet.
Violin Romance Recordings Gary Schnitzer: Beautiful music.
Depression Info and Help: Great info here.
AltaVista: Translations: Translate anything into another language. Very cool!

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