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Harley's First Birthday
3/24/2007 - Harley's first birthday! Like all good grandmom's, my mom took lots of pictures and here they are.
Carousel's Ice Cream
2/14/2007 - This is a website my coworkers and I created for another gal from work. We told her to pay us in ice cream!

Open Book
2/1/2007 - I finally did it, I succumbed to the urge to blog. You can read all about me, my oh-so-exciting life, and my rat terrier Harley. You can even read an excerpt from my new book, the one that isn't finished... yet.

Harley Pictures
9/15/2006 - After Penny died, I added a new member to the family. He's a rat terrier with attitude and his name is Harley. How cute is he?

Penny - March 27, 2006
3/27/2006 - Penny passed away at 9:30 this morning.

Mom's Cabinet
6/4/2004 - I got creative again, this time on my mom's cabinet.

New Furniture
4/1/2003 - Just some pictures of my home with the new furniture.

Dolphin Coffee Table
4/1/2003 - I got creative and decided to tole paint some dolphins and waves on my new coffee table.

Pioche Camping Trip
9/19/2002 - Some coworkers and I met up for a weekend in Spring Valley State Park. When I'm rich and not-too-famous, this is where I'd like to retire.

Tucker & Clark
Tucker decided to take a nap with his best buddy, Clark. Aren't they adorable?

Framed Pics
Just a few of my small paintings - framed. I like the tulips best.

Homemade Papers
I've finally gotten around to painting on my own paper and I've framed a couple to share.

Give Me a Break
I know I've mentioned the Society of Creative Anachronism before. While attending my first event I was lucky enough to meet the author of a fun little book about the funny side of the SCA. His name was Sir Guillaume (or Scott Farrell for everyday) and I loved his book. Here, judge for yourself, pretty talented guy, huh?

Attending Twelfth Night with the Society of Creative Anachronism got me interested in Medieval crafts. I decided to try my hand at papermaking and that got me interested in painting again. I've done just a couple of small, not very good, paintings of herbs. These are really rough, but they're just for practice so far.

I've mentioned in my daily Giggles & Grins that I've been doing a lot of baking. I've gotten lots of requests for the recipes and it seemed simplest to share them with you here.

My Picture Pages
I've taken up another new craft! Just in time for school to start, too. If you've been dying to see the pics from my trip to Utah or pictures of various members of my family, this is the place for you. (And might I suggest that perhaps you need a hobby of your own if you have?)

My Cartoons
I'm learning how to draw cartoons. I started just before Christmas, so don't laugh. I'll get better, I hope. ::grin::

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